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Donna Walker

White Barn Suite

White Barn Suite

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10" x 8"

Oil on canvas

Black frame

Artist Statement

My paintings celebrate the land and rural life, interpreted in my own way with simplified shapes, abstractions, and unique color. I call my style Modern Americana; contemporary landscape with a bit of nostalgia and serenity mixed in. I work to capture what defines a place, a home, a dwelling…keeping my work bold, colorful.

Creating a simplified composition is a balancing act; my goal is to remove what is not needed, leaving only the few elements that create a harmonious painting. My background in printmaking has affected my style, in the way that I layer color, create shapes, and define elements. Using only palette knives adds a unique texture and signature style.

I use the terms of music: rhythm, suite, symphony, notes, song, quartet, to convey the pace and connection between art, music and the land. It is an abstract feeling you get when you hear music, see art, or view nature. There is a different pace to life represented in my scenes.

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