Catharine Sullivan, Owner + Gatherer

As far as I'm concerned, one can never have enough art. You don’t need to know where it will hang. Good art always finds a place. Makes a statement. Elevates a room. 

When I walk into a gallery, I’m astounded by beauty. Fascinated by interpretation. Humbled by talent. Is there a better moment than the one when you connect so personally with a piece that you know it must have been created just for you? 

I also love finding things for the home. Simple things that are functional and useful. Special objects that elicit a smile. And, it’s all about the hunt. You enter a place and scan. Waiting for something to catch your eye. And something always does. I am constantly gathering.

Squirrel is a place where I share what I have gathered. Inspired art from amazingly talented artists with whom I connect and whose pieces draw me in and stir my soul. And a curated selection of discovered objects - both old and new - that make a statement and insist I bring them back with me. 

Squirrel is a place where you can always find something to need.


After a long career in the financial services industry as a marketing and communications executive I “retired” to begin my next chapter. With a deep affection for Vermont, I moved to the Manchester area to pursue my dream of living in the mountains and owning an art gallery and shop. With a proclivity for historic places and a passion for renovations, I couldn't resist choosing a late 1800's firehouse building for my retail operations. After partnering with some incredible artists and completing renovations, Squirrel is open for business. I look forward to meeting you.