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Tait Preis

Sun Duo

Sun Duo

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8"H x 6"W

Oil on gessoboard

9"H x 7"W

Artist Statement

My name is Tait, pronounced Tyt. I am a self taught artist living in Los Angeles with my husband, two daughters and son.

I started daily painting in May of 2020, with no prior art experience. I set out to prove that creating art is a learned skill. I created art daily and posted it to social media to document my experience and progress. I saw my self improve and grow. I had an opportunity to sell and exhibit my work and met so many great experienced and novice artists along the way.

After over two years of creating a piece of art everyday I decided it was not a sustainable practice for me. I took some time reevaluate my goals and decided to really focus on improving my skills in hopes of one day creating art with a capital A.

Though two years of daily practice, art has become part of my daily life. So instead of daily painting I am daily art-ing. This means that I engage with art in some way every single day. Some days I might do a three hour alla prima oil painting other

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