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Debra Howard



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8" x 16"

Oil on gesso hardboard

Black floating frame

Artist Statement

My work is a direct reflection of my life experiences. I spent my childhood in Miami, and the Florida Keys, surrounded by light, intense color, patterns and contrasts.

My palette is unusual, I use 3 colors plus white, relying on classical color theory to produce an exciting and pleasing color harmony. My work showcases a strong design and rhythmic quality, influenced by my early career as a designer and illustrator.

I believe painting is a method of communicating that relies on a series of decisions and problem solving. The largest problem being that I am trying to bring you into my world, what fascinates and attracts me and to share the wonder that I experienced. I am looking at a 3 dimensional world, ever changing, (light, wind, humidity, insects) and yet my means of communicating is confined to a relatively small 2 dimensional panel. To overcome that challenge, I use brushstrokes that express, color that is enhanced, rhythm and patterns to draw in the viewer and reveal change and movement.

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