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Jill Rosenwald

Peony Vase - Maybelline in Prussian

Peony Vase - Maybelline in Prussian

Jill's peony vase is their most popular cylinder. You can use it to hold makeup brushes, toothbrushes, or put it on a desk. We love how easy it is to mix and match this vase with some of our other larger cylinder vases. You can go two routes, many sizes, or many colors, either way the result is pure bliss. This vase is a great gift. 

The Maybelline pattern is striking and simple. In Prussian it is stunning.

Like all of Jill's pottery, the vase is handmade in her Boston studio by her team of local artisans. Each piece is handcrafted on a potter's wheel using a creamy white earthenware that provides a smooth white canvas for her colorful patterns. Each piece is then drawn and painted, and finished with a coat of glossy clear glaze. As a final touch, they add an extra bit of sparkle, in the form of a gorgeous 14K gold painted rim.

Pattern: Maybelline
Color: Prussian
Size: 4" high x 4" wide
Care: Go ahead, pop it in the gentle cycle of your dishwasher. But remember no microwave!

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