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Elena Katsura

Golden Pitcher Reflections

Golden Pitcher Reflections

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6"H x 6"W

Oil on ampersand board

7"H x 7"W Black

Artist Statement

I was born and learned how to paint in Russia, in the country with the old artistic traditions. Russian realistic painters, such as Repin, Serov, Levitan, and French and American impressionists (Monet, Manet, Sargent) have always been my "guiding stars" and I draw my inspiration from their works. I received my Master's degree in Art from the university in my native city of Chelyabinsk. Then I lived with my husband and daughter in California and Georgia and that's where I became fascinated with the beauty of Southern fruit and flowers. My paintings have been shown at art exhibitions in Russia, California, and Georgia. Now, I have returned to my native land of Russia, as my husband will be writing his dissertation here. In my art, I try to show the beauty of nice little things around us the way I see it at those rare moments when the beauty of the world suddenly presents itself to us.

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