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Bronze White-Tailed Deer Antler Sculpture - Basic Finish

Bronze White-Tailed Deer Antler Sculpture - Basic Finish

This Bronze White-Tailed Deer Antler Sculpture is crafted with precision to capture the details of nature in solid bronze. It is fashioned from a naturally shed antler, and offers a perfect blend of beauty and quality resulting in a piece that will last generations.

Our designs are driven by an aspiration to honor nature, spark conversations and create simple, yet bold magic within a home. Bronze may darken over time. 

Dimensions: 9" long x 7" wide x 5" high

Available in four finishes:

Basic: Items are cleaned, and then are oxidized black using an ageing solution before being gently buffed back to accentuate the recessed areas and texture to reveal the warm golden bronze undertones.

Traditional: The same process is done as the Basic Patina. Then the piece is heated to remove any moisture and a water base dye is added to give the piece its rich reddish color. Then it is heated again to remove moisture again

Espresso: A lightly textured surface with low sheen. They are submerged in our aging solution which oxidizes the natural bronze to an espresso tone all over.

Bronze: The bronze is buffed, polished, and protected as with the other colors.



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