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Jane Robertson



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16"H x 20"W

Oil on canvas


Artist Statement

I barely remember a time that my eyes didn't follow the ragged edge of a old pine against the sky, a reflection in a puddle or an early morning mist rising from a lake. Over the years, I've turned my hand to a number of other subjects, but it's the landscape that is a constant source of visual interest. My aim is to convey the beauty I find, often in ordinary every day scenes, and elevate them to something extraordinary. Nature doesn't need much help - nudge up the intensity of colour here, deepen a shade there and suddenly late afternoon shadows sweeping across a cornfield become something magical. I don't think in terms of an agenda or message for my viewers. It's the process of creating art that is the purpose for me. But in our ever more virtual world, if my work causes the viewer to reconsider their relationship with the natural world, or re-establish some other spiritual connection, then that is the highest possible compliment.

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